Frequent fire incidents in Dhaka

Fire service must boost its capacity by incorporating new technologies

It is good to note that the government has taken massive plans to bring fire accidents under control across the country with setting up fire stations in all upazilas.

The number of fire incidents has increased more than threefold across Bangladesh since 1997. Fire accidents have become a regular phenomenon in the country, especially in the capital Dhaka.

Frequent fire incidents taking place in the city not only are raising questions about their safety and security but also these incidents have exposed the fact that hitherto we have not been able to take required lessons from the previous years’ deadly fire incidents. No doubt the frequent incidents of fire are the consequences of an absence of strict surveillance and lack of responsibility on part of the authorities concerned.

We do not want to lose the precious lives of 

our fellow human beings to fire hazards 

because of negligence in safetystandards

The government must make its housing policy more reflective of the dangers of such unplanned urbanization as we cannot afford to be callous or ignorant when it comes to the issue of safety and security.

In a city like Dhaka, one that is undergoing rapid industrialization and urbanization, the need for fire safety increases alongside its progress. But the frequent fire incidents that are talking place in capital Dhaka show how the lack of safety measures is putting people’s lives at risk and the time it takes for the fire service to douse the fire. It also brings to the fore how ill-prepared the authorities are in handling such incidents.  

Considering the situation, Rajuk must be especially diligent about enforcing basic building codes. Regular fire drills have to be enforced while fire extinguishers, smoke detectors must be installed and regularly checked. We do not want to lose the precious lives of our fellow human beings to fire hazards because of negligence in safety standards. Last but not least, our fire service must boost its capacity by incorporating new technologies.