Forever companion

Rifah Nawar Mrittika

What is your plan for a cozy monsoon afternoon? Perhaps sit all day in a couch, lazily glancing through the pages of a novel, or maybe scrolling down your Facebook timeline.

Whatever it may be, it would not, perhaps, be too assiduous a task. Such cozy atmosphere demands full attention of the beholder. It suggests us to enjoy the beauty of its calm, serene nature, to relish it.

Leave all your work, and spare an hour or so to observe the muddy streets. How the rickshaws splatter the water from the puddles as they race through the alleys. Observe your blurry windows. The moistened panes and water touched grills. It would refresh your mind. If you have not tried, do try. All your anxiety, grief will drain down, with the pouring rain.

We are all busy. Exams, work, household chores and what not! All that would probably make your soul crave for tranquility, and what is more tranquil than rain? It not only purifies the outer appearance of nature, it purifies your soul from within. It heals the unseen wounds that you so easily conceal.

Life is complex because we make it. The solutions hide in nature; however we never pay much heed. We consider everything light natured as weak. There lies the problem. Let the atmosphere engulf you. Pause your stiff lipped life for a while. You can resume it later.

With rain, a cup of tea and some homemade cookies go best. But obviously, you can disagree. I prefer looking out of the window, and enjoying my meal. I would probably suggest having a novel with you, if you like reading, that is. Look at the greenery outside, from time to time. Life, suddenly seems so beautiful.

You can also call your friend up to join you, or your sibling. Have some deep conversations with them. It would feel like you have not talked like that for so long, because you actually have not! We are always texting, never talking! That sounds problematic, so solve that problem. For the time being at least. It is not about monsoon. It is about nature. Every season has its own charm. It is our friend of old although we never care to think of it. Life will be busy. It is busy now, and it will be busy in the future. In this age and era it is probably the busiest in nature. However, nature is always welcoming you. Spend some time with nature. You will find a newer version of you. Should industrialization snatch away our passion for nature? Do not let it. Let us nourish our souls with the colourful touch of nature. Let’s enjoy its changing appearances. Try dancing in the rain. Try running through the Catkins (kashphul) fields. Enjoy bhapa pitha and ginger tea in winter. Although not quite soothing, let the summer heat make you laugh as you bicycle down the streets. It is only nature that gives you that evergreen smile. It is only nature that makes you pure.