Filmmakers should make movies for theatres: Steven Spielberg

Veteran filmmaker Steven Spielberg has urged other filmmakers to make movies for theatres and not just for television. While accepting the Filmmaker Award at the Cinema Audio Society Awards, Spielberg requested filmmakers to focus on giving the audience a theatrical experience.

He said, "I hope all of us really continue to believe that the greatest contributions we can make as filmmakers is to give audiences the motion picture theatrical experience. I'm a firm believer that movie theatres need to be around forever."

Spielberg said he was not against television, but he feels theatre has far better experience.

"I love television. I love the opportunity. Some of the greatest writing being done today is for television, some of the best directing for television, some of the best performances are on television today.

"The sound is better in homes more than it ever has been in history but there's nothing like going to a big dark theatre with people you've never met before and having the experience wash over you. That's something we all truly believe in," he added.    —Variety