FIFA monetary aid to BFF stops!

FIFA shares out its revenues with member associations as monetary assistance every year. Bangladesh Football Federation, a part of the governing body of world football, gets USD 4 lakh every year as financial support. But  FIFA recently sent BFF some instructions in place of monetary assistance on March 30.

Admitting it, BFF Senior Vice-President and finance committee Chairman Abdus Salam Murshedy said over telephone on Tuesday that they will have a clear idea about FIFA's instructions, soon.

“We will have a meeting with FIFA on Tuesday. We have got some instructions from them regarding the financial matters. The whole matter will be clear after the meeting,” said Murshedy.

The BFF senior vice-president further added that they are facing the problem due to CEO of BFF finance Abu Hossain.

“I’m not satisfied with his role. He has failed to do his duty, so, we are now in trouble. We will take a decision against him in the next meeting of our finance committee," he further added.

There has been a doubt for a long time whether BFF really gets funds from FIFA regularly. The sources claim that BFF is yet to get the COVID-19 relief fund from FIFA which was announced last June.

BFF's financial irregularities and corruption could be the main reasons behind it. To know the detail, this reporter tried to communicate with BFF General Secretary Abu Nayeem Sohag but failed to reach him on phone.