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Fanatics destabilising communal harmony

United resistance against conspiracy a must

Published : 14 Oct 2021 10:34 PM | Updated : 16 Oct 2021 12:15 PM

The vandalism of Durga image and violence in Cumilla is a clear sign that a vested quarter is active to destabilize the communal harmony in the country.

According to the leading political observers, due to the zero tolerance policy of the current pro-liberation government against fanaticism and fundamentalism, there were no large scale communal incidents in the country during the regimes of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

As Durga Puja is the greatest festival of the Hindu community, it is unlikely that any member of the Hindu community will do anything which will create  unexpected troubles and hurdles to peaceful observance of their own religious rites on any excuse.

On the other hand, the government always wants smooth and disturbance-free environment  to gain uninterrupted support of local and international civic groups.

If any major incidents of terrorism, communal attack and militancy happen , ultimately  some sort of liability  falls on the shoulder of the government itself. The international community including influential human rights organizations usually try to blame the incumbent government for their alleged  failure to resist the incidents.

Some renowned political analysts opined that anti-government political organizations always try to have evidence of failures on the part of the government. The latest attacks on different Hindu temples and ill-motivated rumors against Hindu community, the major minority group in Bangladesh, is a deep-rooted conspiracy against the Awami League government, which led the nine- month long independence war against Pakistani occupation  forces.

Law enforces in their exclusive investigation in most of the incidents found that some fanatics triggered the communal violence following  silly issues of hurting religious sentiment. 

Using the religious sentiment of majority  ordinary  Muslim  community, anti-government political activists instigated communal violence targeting peaceful  minority community.

However, due to the strict vigilance and prompt action against fanatics, the conspiracies were foiled.

Talking to Bangladesh Post on Thursday, an influential intelligence official also claimed that it is a deep-rooted conspiracy against the state itself.

He further said, common people must come forward to resist the continuous conspiracy against our state as many international cliques in association with their local paid political organizations want to make Bangladesh a failed state.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said there are a few cliques who are out to destroy the spirit by staging some communal incidents. 

  "Some people are religiously blind and they always want to create communal conflicts. These people belong not only to the Muslim community, but also to all other religions. In that case, if we all work together, they can't commit any harm,"  the head of the government  said. 

  Sheikh Hasina, also the president of the ruling Awami League  further said the Cumilla incident occurred at a time when the country was marching towards development at full speed and it was aimed at hampering the journey of the nation's uplift and creating a problem in the country. 

  "Those who can't earn the confidence and trust of the people and have no politics and ideology can commit such incidents," she added.

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader  said united resistance has to be built against those who want to destroy the communal harmony in the country before the national election.

Agriculture Minister Dr M Abdur Razzaque said, those who are allegedly trying to create instability and law and order situation in the country by capitalizing on Durga Puja would have to face strict consequence and their attempt will also be foiled.

   Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud said there was a political motive behind the incident. A vested quarter that failed to face Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina politically is busy spreading rumours and destroying communal harmony through social media.

The vested quarter that was against the country is now busy with conspiracy against the ongoing development under Bangabandhu's daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and this quarter doesn't want the communal harmony to exist, he added. 

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said, it is an attempt to thwart communal harmony. We can say clearly that those who practise religion peacefully, cannot commit such crime.  We think that it is an attempt to destroy the communal harmony.

State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Md Murad Hassan said the conspirators who want to destroy the communal harmony existing in the country must be resisted.

   "We want peace in the country. The conspirators who want to destroy this (communal) harmony must be resisted as we have learned to work with non-communalism spirit.

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