Extremist groups using social media to instigate violence

Take steps to bring them to book immediately

The anti-liberation forces in association with the killers of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Hefazat-e-Islam are now spreading rumors through editing videos and fake news in order to instigate violence.

After failing to achieve political gains, they are continuously trying to create unrest by spreading rumors on social media. Besides, in the name of Basher Kella (Bamboo Fort) website, a vested terrorists group has also been provoking subversive acts through social media across the country.

They unleashed a reign of terror in different places of the country from March 26 to March 27 in imitation of what the Pakistanis did in 1971.

We hope the government will take stringent action 

against them so that no one will dare to spread 

rumour and anti-state propaganda in future

It has been observed that there were some militant organisations linked with Jamaat- Shibir which are now visible and instigating violence through social media.

When the government went tough on them, they went into hiding and started uploading fake video and news on youtube and facebook to instigate violence. We think they must not be spared for creating anarchy in the country.

It is clear to all that some militant groups, who attempted to create terrorism and anarchic situation in the country earlier are again out to engaged themselves in those activities through social media.  They do not believe in the spirit of the liberation war and they should not be spared for carrying out violence on March 26-27.

They have hurt the spirit of the Liberation War by taking stand against the state. We think the members of different law enforcement agencies will trace the masterminds who are engaged in spreading falsehoods through various social media like online portals, facebook and youtube in order to misguide people. 

It is very unfortunate that when the entire administration, including the security forces are fighting the coronavirus pandemic in the country, anti-liberation elements continue to indulge in spreading rumour and fake news. We hope the government will take stringent action against them so that no one will dare to spread rumour and anti-state propaganda in future.