Evaluate dedicated leaders, oust seasonal birds

Published : 29 Oct 2022 08:56 PM

Bangladesh Awami League will hold its 22nd national council on December 24 at Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital Dhaka. The ruling Awami League, one of the country’s oldest political parties, is expected to hold its national council this year with a fresh vow to continue works for the development of the country and the welfare of its people.

This year’s national council bears special significance as the country’s next general election is approaching nearer. The high command of the ruling Awami League is evaluating the performance of the cabinet members, lawmakers and all leaders and workers ahead of the party’s national council and country’s general election as well.

The party has also completed three years and 10 month’s tenure of third straight term government amid the coronavirus pandemic coupled with Russia-Ukraine war, different natural disasters and conspiracies. Awami League President Sheikh Hasina wants to make her party stronger especially at the grassroots level through holding the December 24 national council. She has already ordered the stalwarts to pay attention to make the Awami League stronger and vibrant ahead of national council and the country’s parliamentary polls.  Performance and records of account of senior leaders, ministers, lawmakers, state ministers, deputy ministers and leaders of different associate bodies and student wing are being evaluated by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. 

She has already obtained information about the activities of her cabinet members, lawmakers and senior leaders. Sheikh Hasina is also examining her party’s stalwarts, cabinet members and lawmakers’ contribution to their respective ministries and constituencies as well during this current global crisis. 

The party president is checking up whether senior leaders, cabinet members and lawmakers were involved in any corruption or wrong doing. 

Using the ruling party Awami League’s identity or its name, various groups of opportunists and ‘cuckoos of spring’ continue plotting to make evil attempts to serve their interests and create anarchy in the country in many ways. So, the Awami League must keep a “constant vigil” to identify the intruders, opportunists ‘cuckoos of spring’, cheats and frauds and oust them immediately as they have already become internal threats for safeguarding the party, country’s constitution and sovereignty. 

In the face of such over enthusiastic so-called leaders and workers’ activities, many dedicated, sincere and honest leaders and workers are being demoralised and sidelined gradually from grassroots to central level across the country. Besides, using the party identity as a political tool, they also formed different fake organisations in the name of Awami League and its different associate bodies.

Reportedly, around 300 fake outfits centring the party have mushroomed across the country in the last few years. Party’s high command has already made the party’s stand clear that there is no scope to engage suddenly sprouted up organisations with the Awami League as the party has recognised associate bodies and sub-committees as per the constitutional provision of the party.

The Awami League should go for a crackdown against the fake outfits centring the party and those who are involved with those outfits ahead of national council and next general elections. Apart from the intruders, opportunists ‘cuckoos of spring’, cheats and frauds, the party must take stern action against some of its leaders and workers who are allegedly directly or indirectly involved with these fake outfits and opportunist groups and sheltering them.

Since Awami League’s emergence as a grassroots party it has struggled to establish the people's rights and earned independence of the country under the leadership of Bangabandhu, the greatest Bangali of thousand years.  And now the party is playing the pioneering role in leading the nation in achieving success in almost every arena under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina.

The party will remain careful so that no controversial person, various groups of opportunists and ‘cuckoos of spring would not be able to enter the party. On the other hand, Bangladesh Nationalist Party in association with anti-liberation forces has been deliberately spreading propaganda at different platforms against the ruling Awami League. The party is now involved with conspiracies and propaganda as it fears about its political future.

BNP’s falsehood and malicious remarks frustrate the people at a time when the nation is passing through a crisis period. The party is visible enemy of democracy and flag bearer of communal politics and instigator, patron of anti-liberation forces and instigator of radicalism.

It is clear to all that BNP cannot accept the fact that Bangladesh is moving ahead under the dynamic leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina. The party’s senior leaders are now desperate to make the country a failed state. They are criticising the government constantly on social and electronic media and their only job is to push the country towards darkness.

As the election is approaching, Bangabandhu’s killers, plotters at Tarique Rahman’s political office Hawa Bhaban and Jamaat-e-Islami are out to grab state power using the backdoor. Besides, some rightists, leftists and extreme leftists now have joined them.

Apart from them, a section of “ultra-learned” men who always look to foreigners, have also started doing their jobs like in the past as if they (foreigners) will install them to the state power. Keeping the issue in minds, the Awami League leaders and workers from grassroots to central have to resist the evil forces who want that the country become a failed state.

Country’s people have trust in Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as she was able to address all the crises and challenges the Bangali nation witnessed in the last four decades. Therefore, if the honest, dedicated, talented, dynamic, tested and qualified leaders are evaluated in getting party’s important posts and tickets for contesting upcoming parliamentary polls as well, no conspiracy could remove Awami League from power as it has public mandate.

The Awami League and the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman are involved in all the democratic movements and great achievements of the country including the historic language movement in 1952 and Great Liberation War in 1971. The Bangali nation believes the party, which led the country’s nine-month bloody Liberation War and finally achieved an independent and sovereign Bangladesh, will always follow its founding principle and guidelines of achieving emancipation for people.

Under the leadership of Bangabandhu, we have achieved an independent and sovereign Bangladesh while under his daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s dynamic leadership Bangladesh has constructed super structure like the long-cherished Padma Multipurpose Bridge by own finance, creating a perception that “Bangladesh can do” and it has brightened the country’s image globally.

Bangladesh, Awami League and Bangabandhu are invariable and also an inseparable part of Bangali nation as the history of the party means the story of struggle and glory of the Bangalis. In government or opposition, wherever the party remains, its leaders and activists always stand beside the countrymen and work for them. The government must stay alert to both internal and external conspiracies and keep united the leaders and workers at the grassroots ahead of the next parliamentary polls. The nation is advancing fast under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. Our country will never bow down to any pressure rather it will move ahead with the strength of people.

S. M. Mizanur Rahman is working as Assistant Editor at 

Bangladesh Post