‘Etiquette, perfect pronunciations key to successful corporate dealing’

Published : 12 Jan 2022 09:33 PM

Experts at a workshop opined that perfect corporate dealing requires standard level of knowledge and learning on social etiquette, norms and pronunciations.  

They said flawless and impressive delivery of speech play vital role in ensuring success of a meeting with highly efficient corporate or multinational counterparts.    

In order to address these issues, a workshop titled ‘Etiquette, proper pronunciation and current lifestyle’ was held at the capital’s Krishibid Institute on Saturday.

The workshop was presided over by Choudhury Moshtaq Ahmed, former Managing Director and CEO of National Bank Limited.

He took initiative to provide directive to corporate personnel to polish their etiquette (both local and international), proper pronunciation (both Bangla and English), ways of greeting, meeting, eating, drinking, dressing, travelling and their current lifestyle.

"We often mispronounce certain common words in English in our day to day conversations as we have heard the incorrect pronounce of those words our whole life. We are also unaware of a lot of social etiquettes due to which we experience embarrassing situations at times", said Choudhury Moshtaq Ahmed.  

He enlightened the audience regarding the correct pronunciation of commonly mispronounced words and etiquette mistakes throughout the interactive session. He also emphasized how it is better to pronounce a word following the native speakers of that country.

He further announced that a day-long programme would be organized soon to cover almost all codes of life, which are associated with the current lifestyle.

The workshop was attended by many participants including the former and present high officials of National Bank Limited.