Enhancing Health, Transforming Lives

It's no secret that good health comes at a premium. In a modern world, we're threatened from every side. Our diets are poor, we don't get enough pollutants, and our lifestyles tend to be hectic and with stress. Rising rates of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes are other indicators of the poor state of our overall health.

The Genesis of Forever Living:

 All of this contributes to the pressing need to find solutions that offer increased measure of wellness protection. That's what Rex Maughan discovered more than 30 years ago.

For years, Rex Maughan knew there had to be something more to life than just the daily grind and constant struggle to make ends meet, all exercise, all while never having the energy or time to enjoy his family. He felt increasingly trapped and constantly worried whether he would be able to provide for Vera could deliver the health solution so many his family's health and financial well-being.

Rex had been seeking a way to improve his health and the health of his family and to achieve increased financial security. But he became discouraged in his search. So, in 1978, he invited 43 people to attend the first Forever Living Products meeting in Tempe, Arizona.

In this meeting, Rex proposed a very simple business idea to his closest family and friends. "I wanted to offer consumable, proven, health- promoting products to the public and do it in a personal way," says Rex. "Instead of dumping big bucks into traditional advertising, our plan would compensate anyone willing to share these products with their family and friends.”