EC-political party dialogue ends

Join polls, resist evil forces

Published : 01 Aug 2022 08:49 PM

The Election Commission (EC) on Sunday wrapped up its talks with the political parties. The commission began dialogue with registered political parties from July 17 which continued till July 31. It had invited all 39 political parties to discuss issues relating to the 12th national parliament elections. Of them 28 participated in the EC’s talks, while nine including Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) abstained and the remaining two parties sought time to sit with the commission.

The EC wants to remain above criticism by holding a free, fair, and credible election as the last two national polls were tainted by controversies, the CEC came up with this statement on Sunday. Various proposal including all-party government, an election-time government and an election-time caretaker government and using of electronic voting machine were placed by the political parties before EC during the 15 days talks. Besides, the political parties also placed 300 written and verbal proposals to the commission. Apart from these, some political parties asked for the deployment of army in the parliamentary polls.

All political parties should contest 

the upcoming general elections

It is the constitutional and statutory responsibility of the commission to hold free and neutral elections. Similarly, it is the constitutional and statutory duty of the government to assist it. If political parties would not contest the elections, evil forces can mount up. Hence, political parties will have to stay in the election field to resist evil forces. But BNP remains too far from the people’s expectations and its position is very vulnerable. Boycotting the EC’s dialogue, leaders and workers of the party are now spreading propaganda and falsehoods in order to make the country unstable ahead of national polls. Cashing the global crisis, party’s senior leaders are now calling for movement to oust the government. Being desperate, BNP has been continuing its conspiracy to tarnish the country's image abroad. But the party should act as a responsible political party and shun working against the public interests. Otherwise the people will throw BNP into the dustbin of history like in the past.

Bangladesh is constitutionally a multi-party democratic republic and  election is the key for continuation of the country’s democracy. But the EC cannot compel any political party to contest the national polls. Elections are held under ruling party all over the world through which democracy is established. The election-time government will just perform the routine works.

Country’s people imbued with spirit of Liberation War believe the next national election will be held in a free, fair and neutral manner and the EC will also play a strong role in fulfilling its duties as a constitutional institution.  Country’s all people hope that the 12th national election will be a competitive one. All political parties should contest the upcoming general elections.