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EC formation appreciated

Published : 26 Feb 2022 09:31 PM | Updated : 26 Feb 2022 09:37 PM

Eminent academics and civil society members on Saturday appreciated the way the newly-appointed Election Commission (EC) was formed.

They said this EC is the strongest election commission in the world as it was formed as per constitution.

Prof Dr Syed Anwar Husain, a leading historian of the sub-continent said, this election commission is constitutionally the strongest one in the globe.

“I am congratulating the election commission and expecting good work from them,” he said. 

Munira Khan, president of Fair Election Monitoring Alliance (FEMA), the oldest election monitoring platform of the country, said, “I don’t know the election commissioners personally. So, I can’t make any comment about  them.”

Responding to another question, she said, “I have nothing to say as it was formed as per law. All sent names. Search committee sent some names from the proposed list of names. Later, president in consultation with the prime minister appointed the election commissioners”.

So, there is nothing to raise any question over the formation of the election commission.

She further said, “If the government wants to conduct a good election, it is possible to do by this election commission. But I am frustrated for one reason. I expected the quota of female in the election commission would be at least two,” she added.

Former Secretary Enam Ahmed Choudhury said, “The big challenge of the commission is to restore confidence in the election and the electoral body. Secondly, to faithfully carry out the duties entrusted to them in accordance with the law in an impartial manner. I hope that by addressing this challenge properly, they will play an important role in the crucial situation of the nation.”