DU offices remain closed till April 11

Published : 04 Apr 2021 09:38 PM

The Dhaka University authorities have decided to remain closed its offices till April 11 following lockdown amid the uprising covid-19 situation. The registered office of the university is being continued for emergence works with the least people maintaining health rules.  

A press release signed by DU Director of Public Relations Office Mahmood Alam state this on Sunday, adding that emergency services such as water, electricity, gas, medical, safety, and cleanliness will be excluded from this holiday. 

The statement said, "Those involved in emergency care are requested to follow proper hygiene. The university will provide limited transport for emergency avtivists. All teachers, officers, and employees of the university will have to stay in their respective homes during the lock-down and no one can leave the workplace and Dhaka."

The authorities have requested the concerned law enforcement to strengthen the overall security of the campus during the lock-down. At this time, outsiders are being requested not to enter and stay on campus.