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Drug trading rampant in Mohdpur Geneva camp

Published : 25 Jun 2019 09:12 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 01:02 PM

Officers of the anti-crime elite force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have disclosed that drug dealing in Bihari camps is again increasing following the December 30 elections. On information, the crime blusters launched a massive drive in the city’s largest Bihari camp, Mohammadpur Geneva camp, a few months back. But the situation has been continuing after ending of the operation.

Talking to Bangladesh Post on Sunday, RAB Legal and Media Wing Director Lt Col Imranul Hasan said, “ We conducted two massive operations targeting drug dealing in the Bihari camps, the first last year, and the second, this year.” In May last year, RAB in an anti-narcotics drive at Geneva camp arrested around 100 people along with various types of drugs.

RAB-2 battalion along with other units, including RAB Intelligence wing and dog squad, started raiding the Geneva camp around 10:30 am and the drive continued it till 12:40pm. All battalions of RAB were engaged in the operations. 'We came to know that those who managed to escape from the hands of RAB, suspended the drug trading due to our strong surveillance. But they became active again in drug trading after the last parliamentary election, said Lt Col Imranul Hasan.

Then we conducted another major drive in March this year, he recalled. We again raided 16 spots inside the Mohammadpur Geneva camp simultaneously. Now the drug trading in the Bihari camps has significantly minimized due to our continuous efforts, Lt Col Imranul Hasan, also the head of RAB-3, claimed.
He said the Yaba trading has become minimized. Once drug addicts had to buy one piece of Yaba at Tk 40 to Tk 50. But due to our drives against Yaba, it has now become very rare. Now one piece of Yaba is being sold at Tk 400, he continued.

RAB-2 CO Lieutenant Colonel Ashik Billah who recently led a major operation in Mohammadpur Geneva camp said, “Whenever we get any information of drug trading, we instantly raid there. The last operation was three dimensional operation. Our specialized force participated and we also used drone while conducting the operation.”

Responding to another question, he said, “We shall conduct another major operation at Mohammadpur Geneva camps as we have come to know that some Yaba dealers are trying to be active again.” We have information that large amount of smuggled Yaba first comes to the camp. Then the Yaba is distributed to different parts of the country, said Lieutenant Colonel Ashik Billah. Besides, Mannan referred to directives given by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the meeting and said she asked the authorities concerned to construct government offices in a comprehensive manner across the country.

The Prime Minister, he said, also ordered the officials to construct the government buildings following the same design at the district level, dividing those in small, medium and big categories. Law enforcing agencies suspect that the stranded Pakistani people are increasingly involving in drug dealing across the country. In some parts of the city, they are controlling the drug rackets for long. Due to lack of strong monitoring, drug and arms leaders are using the Bihari camps as a safe haven for their criminal activities.

In most of the camps, they are living in a very congested places. Moreover, poverty is a common phenomenon in the camps. Using these odd situations, some criminals are misusing the Biharis. Some local politicians are also using them to fulfil their illegal demand by bringing them into criminal activities. After growing up in such situation, youth dwellers of the camps are also involving in unlawful activities from early stage of life. Arms and drugs dealings are being conducted in almost each and every camp.

Local administration also knows it. A corrupt section of the local administration is getting huge amount of bribes. They also appoint reliable sources to collect bribes on their behalf. In the name of providing water, gas and electricity line, they are taking these bribes. Thus, they are earning huge amounts of illegal money every day. According to the local sources, two godfathers are controlling the drug trading of Mohammadpur Geneva camps.

Though each and every drug is being sold there, the drug dealers prefer Yaba trading. Because most of the addicts want Yaba pills.There are around three hundreds Yaba dealers only in Mohammad Geneva camp. After evening, Yaba dealing begins in massive form. Drug dealers also supply drugs on home service system at higher prices. Local sources claimed that minor children are also becoming drug dealers. Some girls are also selling Yaba pills along with boys.

Police claimed that the trend of drug dealing is comparatively lower at Mirpur Bihari camp than that of Mohammadpur Geneva camp.RAB 2 commander in chief Lt Col Ashique Billah said, “Mohammadpur Bihari camp is an identified drug spot in the capital.” Some Biharies are collecting Yaba pills from the bordering areas of the country, he added. We are on alert about Bihari camps, he said adding that we are keeping twenty four hours surveillance inside the camps.

Urdu Speaking Peoples Youth Rehabilitation Movement president Sadakhat Khan Fakku however said, “The drug dealings in the Bihari camps have significantly decreased due to the regular anti-drugs drives by the law enforcing agencies.”