Drug peddlers enjoy OC patronage

Police must strive to sustain peoples’ trust through dedicated service

Published : 18 Sep 2023 08:05 PM

Mahbubul Alam, Officer-in-charge of Rajshahi’s Charghat Model Police Station extended his all-out support to the drug peddlers to run their illicit trade smoothly. He had been doing everything for the betterment of the organised crime syndicates since his joining in exchange of huge amount of bribe. The OC Alam himself controls the upazila’s narcotics trade through the crime syndicate.

An audio of a woman named Sahara Begum demanding a bribe of Tk 7 lakh was leaked on Saturday. The OC Alam asked for an additional Tk 7 lakh from her so that she did not have to face any narcotics cases herself. However, the OC has been closed for his alleged attempt to extort money from a woman. He has already amassed huge amount of taka from listed criminals, says a media report. Besides, many unlisted criminals are also paying tolls to OC Alam on monthly or weekly basis. Charghat area of Rajshahi, is known as safe haven for criminals like smugglers, traffickers, drug peddlers and robbers.  

All know police station is established to ensure security of common people and control illegal drug trading. Therefore, it is worrying that some cops led by their boss are doing everything possible to ensure security of illicit trade, lives and property of the criminals in exchange of money.

The authorities concerned must

 gear up activities and strengthen 

capacity to deal with such cops

The cops on several occasions claimed that they are determined to root out drug trading and ensure country’s people security. Therefore, authorities concerned and the ACC, the anti-graft watchdog of the country, assigned to curb corruption from Bangladesh, must gear up activities and strengthen capacity to deal with such cops.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina repeatedly reminds her government’s zero tolerance policy against corruption. The fight against corruption cannot be carried out by the government alone as it requires all’s coordination and help.

As many of the ‘big fishes’ behind all illegal businesses and activities in police department have not been brought to book yet, the criminals are being encouraged to become like dons. If the cops who have amassed huge sums of wealth are brought to book, they will not dare to commit such crime wearing government clothes.