Dozens of flights canceled cause chaos at Lisbon airport

By Xinhua
Published : 03 Jul 2022 08:42 PM

Sixty-five flights were canceled on Saturday at Lisbon airport, causing long queues and thousands of passengers without accommodation and alternative solutions.

According to the airline TAP, the cancellations were caused by the bursting of the tires of a private jet, which forced the closure of the airport's runway.

In turn, the air controller ANA (Aeroportos de Portugal), claimed that the situation was the result of a broader problem of "constraints at several European airports."

"Due to a set of constraints at several European airports, 65 canceled flights are planned for today -- 40 arrivals and 25 departures," ANA said in a statement sent to the press.

According to the company, Lisbon airport "implemented measures to support airlines, namely the installation of additional mobile counters to reschedule flights."

"We advise passengers with a scheduled flight to contact the airlines," said ANA. Due to strikes by terminal workers and airlines, other delays and cancellations were recorded at airports in Europe.