Dhaleshwari River erosion engulfing agro lands, electricity poles

Published : 06 May 2022 09:18 PM

In Munshiganj, 15 houses have been engulfed and two 33,000 volt electricity poles have been damaged due to strong current of Dhaleshwari River. In the last few days, about 15 houses have been demolished in Dakerhati and Goalkhali of Chitrakot union of the upazila. About 50 more houses are under threat. The people of the river erosion affected areas are spending their days in panic. Many families are rushing to relocate their homes. The affected people have complained that they are not getting any help from the administration in these areas.

It can be seen on the ground that the people of Goalkhali and Dakerhati villages from the area adjacent to the Tulsikhali Bridge have lost their way due to the rising water level of Dhaleshwari River in Chitrakot union of the upazila. In the last two years, various crop lands, houses and two 33,000 volt electricity poles have been continuously eroded. As the administration has not taken any initiative, the erosion is not going to be stopped in any way. That is why the villagers are saying that the administration is not paying attention to us. He sought appropriate government intervention. It is learned that over 50 houses have been washed away in the river last year. When the upazila administration informed the water development board to take action, they saw it on the spot but did not take any action.

Moksed Khan, a resident of the affected Dakerhati village, said 31 per cent of my 34 per cent land had been washed away by the river. It seems that the rest will be engulfed in this monsoon. There is no one to see us. The river has been eroding for two years. No one from the upazila administration even came to see him once. Mohammad Iqbal Khan, another resident of Dakerhati village, said that Monaim Khan, a disabled person from our village, had lost his father's house. He has no other assets. Now that the river has begun to erode, the house may soon be submerged. So I would like to draw the attention of the administration and say if you take appropriate action now. Otherwise, Monaim Khan's house cannot be kept.

Another Safar Ali said, "We are facing erosion due to increased water flow in the river." There is a danger that everything including Basat Vita will go to the river. After a while, big banks are breaking. Many families have become destitute in the last year. The village is in fear of demolition. Housewife Rajan Begum said the monsoon season has not started yet. The intensity of river erosion has already started. Last year, people from the administration came and saw it, but did not take any action. This time the breakdown has started. But they will not take any action again. If the administration does not take appropriate action, our place in the river will be lost. Shahidul Khan, general member of ward 9 of Chitrakot UP, said many people's houses were washed away by river erosion last year. This time the water has started to rise. As a result, many people's houses are facing demolition. Last year, the Water Development Board surveyed these areas. But they took no further action. We have given cash assistance to many including Chairman for breaking down the doors of many houses and Chairman has built dams with bamboo in many places to prevent river erosion. Even then the breakdown has begun. In that case I am seeking the intervention of the administration.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Shariful Alam Tanvir said, I have just joined this upazila. Ranendra Shankar Chakraborty, Executive Engineer, Munshiganj District Paubo, Water Development Board, said that there are reports of river erosion in several places on the banks of Dhaleshwari. This time too we will take urgent steps to prevent river erosion. According to our data, there are four places where river erosion occurs in the month of June. We prevent breakage by dropping GI bags as part of an emergency operation. However, no instructions have been issued so far. We will start work as soon as we get instructions.