Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh conduct cleanliness campaign in Khilgaon

BP Health Desk 

Following the triumph of restoring playing atmosphere of the Keraniganj Ambagicha playground, 'Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh' campaign has organized another similar clean drive in Shahjahanpur Railway Moitri Sangha playing field of Khilgaon. 

In continuation of spreading awareness on cleanliness and restoring playing atmosphere of playgrounds in the capital, activity of cleaning the field was carried out, followed by a friendly cricket match.

Organizing Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South Jubo League Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan, 11 number ward councilor of Dhaka South City Corporation Md Hamidul Haque (Shamim), Marketing Manager of Reckitt Benckiser Salahuddin Ahmed Tareq, senior officials of Reckitt Benckiser along with the local residents attended the campaign.

 After cleaning the local field, the people present at the event, took oaths of cleanliness. A friendly cricket match followed as part of the initiative unfortunately, due to absence of cleanliness, the field of Khilgaon Shahjahanpur Railway Moitri Sangha lacked a proper playing environment. With the initiative of Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh, the playing atmosphere has been restored. Along with the atmosphere, hope has also been restored of empowering young cricketers.

 Reckitt Benckiser (Bangladesh) Ltd. Marketing Manager Salahuddin Tareq said, "To create awareness among the people of the country about cleanliness, the Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh campaign has started. As part of the campaign, we have now taken initiatives to clean playing grounds. We hope that the sporting atmosphere will return again to play grounds and good cricket players will be born.”