Dehydration Symptoms

The first symptoms of dehydration include thirst, darker urine, and decreased urine production. In fact, urine color is one of the best indicators of a person’s hydration level – clear urine means you are well hydrated and darker urine means you are dehydrated. However, it is important to note that, particularly in older adults, dehydration can occur without thirst. This is why it is important to drink more water when ill, or during hotter weather.Dehydration, symptoms include:

•    dry mouth

•    lethargy

•    weakness in muscles

•    headache

•    dizziness

Severe dehydration (loss of 10-15 percent of the body’s water) may be characterized by extreme versions of the symptoms above as well as:

•    lack of sweating

•    sunken eyes

•    shriveled and dry skin

•    low blood pressure

•    increased heart rate

•    fever

•    delirium

•    unconsciousness

    Courtesy: Medicalnewstoday