Curtains rise for ‘National Street Theatre Festival’

Published : 02 Mar 2024 09:52 PM

In a jubilant display of cultural richness and artistic talent, the National Street Theatre Festival, organized by the esteemed Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation (BGTF), commenced its annual celebration at the iconic Central Shaheed Minar premises and across 21 designated zones nationwide.

Under the resonant theme of "Yardstick of Politics, Art, Literature, and Culture," the festival pays homage to the revered language martyrs while showcasing the multifaceted cultural heritage of Bangladesh. With a rich history spanning 34 years, this festival has become a cornerstone of Bangladesh's cultural calendar, attracting participants and spectators from all corners of the nation.

The grand opening ceremony, graced by luminaries including Vice-Chancellor Professor ASM Maksud Kamal of Dhaka University, President Golam Kuddus of Sammilita Sangskritik Jote, and President Mizanur Rahman of Bangladesh Pothonatok Parishad, marked the official commencement of the month-long festivities.

Chandan Reza, acting secretary general of BGTF, extended a warm welcome to participants and attendees, setting the stage for an immersive cultural experience. Presiding over the ceremony, Liaquat Ali Lucky, president of the Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation, emphasized the festival's significance in promoting cultural exchange and artistic expression.

The inauguration ceremony was marked by captivating performances, including stirring patriotic songs, vibrant dances, and thought-provoking dramas, showcasing the diverse talents of Bangladesh's artistic community.

Over 300 theatre troupes from across the nation are set to participate in the festival, presenting a kaleidoscope of street plays that delve into various social and political themes, resonating with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Scheduled to run until February 21, the National Street Theatre Festival promises to be a feast for the senses, offering a platform for cultural dialogue, artistic exploration, and communal celebration. As the festival unfolds, it is poised to leave an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Bangladesh, fostering unity, creativity, and appreciation for the arts. Stay tuned for updates and highlights as the nation revels in this unparalleled cultural extravaganza.