Ctg WASA capacity increases to 56cr litters

Published : 27 Dec 2023 09:48 PM

Chittagong WASA (CWASA) has been providing clean and safe water to the city dwellers.  It also supplies water to industrial and commercial establishments since its inception in 1963.

According to the Managing Director of Chattogram Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA) AKM Fazlullah, production capacity was 12 crore litters in 2009 against a demand of 37 crorelitters in WASA's service area.  The production capacity has stood at 56 crore litters in 2023 with the demand of 48 crore litters in service area.

AKM Fazlullah said like other government institutions, WASA has also irregularities, but it is at a tolerable level.  We are trying to minimize customer harassment. 

He said that the quality of operation of Chittagong WASA will increase when the ongoing and pending projects are completed.

He came up with the disclosure at a public hearing and view exchange meeting with journalists at Bangabandhu Hall of Chittagong Press Club on Wednesday morning.

In his earlier written statement, he said that the source of Chittagong WASA water is mainly from underground and surface water.  At present, clean and safe water is being supplied to Chittagong city by extracting water from Mohra Water Treatment Plant and Sheikh Russell Water Treatment Plant and extracting water from Sheikh Hasina Water Treatment Plant-1 and 2 from Karnaphuli River.  Currently Chittagong WASA supplies 92% of its water from surface sources.  8% of water is extracted from underground sources.  But deep tube wells are also difficult to dig due to soil and rocks.

The WASA MD said, Karnaphuli Water Supply Project (Phase-1) at a cost of Tk 1849 crores financed by Bangladesh Government, Chittagong WASA and JICA, 3083 crores taka (Phase-2) and Chittagong Water Development& Sanitation projects at a cost of Tk 1890 croresfinanced by Bangladesh Government, Chittagong WASA, World Bank have been implemented.

In June 2024, the Bhandal Jhuri water supply project will be implemented at a cost of Tk 1994 crore with the finance of Bangladesh Government, EDCF, South Korea, Chittagong WASA.  Awaiting approval are Chittagong Water Supply Project, Chittagong Metropolitan Sewerage Installation Project (Catchment-2 & 4), Catchment-3 Fatiabad, Catchment-5 South Kattoli, Catchment-6 Water Supply Project from Patenga and Meghna Rivers to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpanagar.  

Regarding WASA irregularities, the WASA MD said, if someone complains, we take quick action.  The amount of irregularities in Chittagong WASA is very less as compared to other institutions.

Our doors are open, anyone can come to us anytime.  If no one comes to me and will get no remedy. We are trying hard enough. During the  public hearing, many customers of Chittagong WASA were assured a speedy resolution of their complaints about water bills.

In response to another customer's question about salinity in WASA water during the dry season, AKM Fazlullah said that WASA water is mainly extracted from two rivers.  During the dry season, the water flow in Kaptai Lake becomes low due to low water level.  On the other hand, the salty water of the sea rises up.  As a result, salinity increases in WASA water.  There is a shortage of fresh water due to these natural problems.  Another project is in progress to solve this problem.  He proposed dredging Kaptai Lake.

WASA board members, chief engineer, engineers of various departments and senior officers were present in the public hearing.

Currently, the Chattogram Wasa supplies nine crore litres of water from the Sheikh Russel Water Treatment Plant, nine crore from the Mohra Water Treatment Plant, and 14.3 crore from the Sheikh Hasina Water Treatment Plant-1. Besides the Ground Water Treatment Plant and 44 deep tube-wells in the city under the agency have a capacity of supplying 10 crore litres of water.