Ctg lawyers’ assoc warns DC of taking legal action

Published : 19 Sep 2021 08:52 PM | Updated : 21 Sep 2021 12:21 AM

Leaders of Chittagong Bar Association have warned to take legal action against the deputy commissioner if he does not withdraw his statement against the district lawyers' association.

 The leaders made the announcement at a press conference held at the auditorium of the District Bar Association on Sunday.

 AHM Ziauddin, General Secretary of Chittagong District Bar Association, said the Chittagong district administration was trying to tarnish the association’s image by resorting to lies.  

Lawyers have always taken legal action against all illegal activities of the district administration as they do not believe in social conflict.  I will take legal action if the Deputy Commissioner does not withdraw the false statement made in the name of the District Bar Association in various media without delay.

Chittagong District Bar Association President Advocate Enamul Haque presided over the function.  Former President Anwarul Islam, General Secretary of the Association Advocate AHM Ziauddin, Badrul Anwar, Former General Secretary MantoshBarua were present at the occasion.

In a written statement, the GS said the buildings of the association were constructed with the grant of Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Ministry of Law and with the own funding of the association.  Grants were given by the Hon'ble Prime Minister and the Ministry of Law in various stages for the construction of the buildings.  If any building of the association was illegal, the Hon'ble Prime Minister or any other ministry would not provide grants.

 He said that Chittagong District Bar Association building have been duly approved by the CDA.  Which has already been informed to the district administration by letter from CDA and has been published in the newspaper.  No hill was cut during the construction of Chittagong District Bar Association buildings.  The buildings are constructed step by step without destroying the shape and nature of the hill by protecting the slope of the hill.  If the hill had been cut, surely the concerned authorities would have obstructed it at that time.

 He said the site was measured in the presence of the leaders of the association and the then Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Mohammad Elias, District Administration Kannugo, Surveyor with the consent and advice of the Deputy Commissioner to determine the boundaries during the construction of ShaplaBhaban of the Bar Association in 2014.  The boundaries of the association's place are marked in the measurement.  Where long ago the security guard room of the association, the generator room was built which is still there.  A case was filed in the court challenging the validity of the lease given to the Mutual Trust Bank for setting up a booth in 2019 by the Deputy Commissioner in the part of the land which was allotted to the association measuring in 2014.  The court ruled in favor of the association in the case.  As a result, the district administration was forced to stop the construction work of setting up bank booths at the place.  Basically from there the district administration started hostile behavior with the association.

 AHM Ziauddin said, "It is unfortunate that the district administration has made such a heinous attempt to tarnish the honor and dignity of the Chittagong District Bar Association, which has a cherished tradition of hundreds of years."  Besides, the district administration has sent letters to various departments for not providing water connection, gas connection and electricity connection.  In fact, the district administration has taken such a nasty step to prevent the construction of the Chittagong District Bar Association building.

 He said the district administration had issued a warning notice in a newspaper on September 2 targeting the establishments of the Chittagong District Bar Association.  However, there is no illegal establishment of the association around the court building.  There is no dormitory.  Shops, food hotels, grocery shops, slums etc. have been leased by the district administration and some parts have been rented out by the officials and employees of the district administration.  From which they withdraw monthly and daily rent.  Immoral activities, drug dealing etc. are taking place in these establishments, which no action has been taken by the district administration to stop.  Due to these reasons, there was a militant attack in the court building area in 2005.