Criminals become active at Jalalabad Park after sunset

Published : 16 Nov 2019 07:21 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 05:33 AM

The evening turns to the gala events for criminals and the anti-socials at the Jalalabad Park. With no one to the vigil and to take action, those outlawed goons were learnt to formulate their plan of action by sitting in groups inside the park.

It is learnt, Jalalabad Park is being used as a safe haven for criminals for a long time. After the establishment of the park on 94-decimal of land near the Sylhet Circuit House, the park failed to offer its visitors to breathe fresh air or to enjoy amusements with their family members including children and women rather it is being used as hideouts for those criminals unabated.   

Local people alleged, after the evening, the park is occupied by the drug-addicts, muggers and snatchers. Those anti-socials are learnt to throng inside this park to exploit their plan for their night tasks. Many of those also visit and stay in this park after evening to purchase and consume drugs while others went out for starting their nocturnal-operations in various city areas.

Some city residents said that from the very beginning, the park has turned into a den of criminal activities.  The muggers become active after the sunset. Even the sex workers and their clients visit the park.

The city authorities tried to make the park as viable and took various plans to develop it but all the efforts seem to be a failure. 

When asked about the criminal activities in the Jalalabad Park, Zedan Al Musa, ADC of Sylhet Metropolitan Police said, ‘We are always aware to prevent any criminal activity in the metropolitan area. No illegal activities inside the park will be tolerated. If we find any anti-social activity inside the park, we will control that with strong hands'.