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Crimes in general down, rapes up in March

Published : 03 Apr 2020 09:18 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 08:57 PM

The number of crime incidents significantly declined in the capital city apparently for the coronavirus fear, sources in the Dhaka Metropolitan Police confirmed to Bangladesh Post on Friday. However, the numbers of rape and other women repression acts have slightly increased, according to official statistics.

In March, only two cases of robbery were lodged with DMP. There were 17 cases of murder. 14 cases were recorded under the speedy trial act. But there were 56 cases of rape. Another 132 cases were recorded in connection with oppression against women. No case was filed in connection with child oppression in the whole of March, DMP statistics revealed.

67 cases of cheating were lodged while 51 theft cases were recorded. There was a case of motor bike theft and another one a car theft recorded. Another 117 cases of thefts in residences were also lodged in March. 14 cases under arms act where recorded while 1,127narcotics cases were recorded.

Total 2,055 cases under various acts were recorded in March this year. But in February, 2,131 cases were recorded. There were 45 rape cases, and 120 cases in connection with women oppression recorded. There were 29 cases of child oppression. 61 cheating cases were recorded. 74 cases of thefts in residences were lodged. There were 16 cases of bike lifting, 14 cases of carjacking and one case for stealing electric wire. There were another 82 types of thefts lodged with DMP.

495 cases of other crimes were also lodged. But in March such cases were only 482. 1,205 narcotic cases were lodged in February. In January a total 2,247 cases were recorded. DMP Additional Commissioner Krishnapada Roy acknowledged the crime statistics .The second in command of the DMP however said, “ We are in the streets to ensure the safety of the citizens and their valuables.” Responding to another question, he further said, “We have set up checkpost, enhanced vigilance and intensified our patrolling.” Police sources claimed that for being in panic, criminals are also staying in their homes.

As a result, the numbers of crime incidents also have significantly decreased across the city. As members of Bangladesh Army have been deployed in the capital, the criminals are in panic. Being afraid of coronavirus and army deployment, most of the criminals became inactive and are staying at home.

Law and order is completely under control of the government.  Despite satisfaction over the prevailing normal law and order, the activities of law enforcer agencies have been strengthened as most of the people are home after closing their organizations at the instructions of the government.

All important organizations have been kept under extra surveillance to avoid any untoward situation. All leave of the police forces have been cancelled so that no vested quarters can create panic among the people using the coronavirus situation.