Cotton Candy seller Mostafa dreams of becoming self-reliant

Published : 03 Feb 2021 09:17 PM

‘Take Hawai Mithai..... Sweet-soft pink-white Hawai Mithai.....’ This is how Mostafa, a cotton candy seller calls young children to buy his cotton candies.

Mostafa, a resident of Satardaria village under Kadirjungle Union of Karimganj upazila in Kishoreganj, is a cotton candy seller by profession. There are 7 members in Mostafa’s poor family, including parents. 

Mostafa supports his family with the little money he gets from selling cotton candies. Through his relentless hardship, he is working to alleviate the condition of his family by eliminating poverty. 

He lost one of his hand in an accident when he was young and has been going through physical hardship since then. Even then, he did not give up on Life. He dreams of becoming self-reliant and soar sky high one day. He is now counting the days to become independent by working tirelessly.

The cotton candy Mostafa sells is very populat among the children. Mostafa sells these sweet snacks on Govt. Gurudayal College Ground  Mukto Mancho in Kishoreganj in the morning and evening. Besides, Mostafa appeares in various educational institutions including primary and secondary schools, market areas, villages or any fair festival, making and selling these wonderful candies.

Mostafa is working tirelessly to win the hearts of children and teenagers by making ‘Hawai Mithai’. He earns Tk 500 to 1,000 per day by selling them. 

Mostafa said, the techniques of making this candy is very difficult but still he is doing this trade as it is a favorite food of the children and he wants to become self-sufficient. 

He is spending his days quite happily now by selling cotton candies among children, Mostafa added with a smile on his face.