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‘Corruption engulfs NICVD’

Published : 22 Nov 2019 09:06 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 04:27 PM

Corruption and irregularities have engulfed the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) under the very nose of the authorities concerned, a parliamentary watchdog report says The parliamentary standing committee on Health Ministry prepared the report submitted to the concerned ministry.

According to the report, although the infrastructure development took place significantly in NICVD but most of the patients are not getting desired treatment On the other hand, the patients suffering from various heart diseases face being harassed while seeking admission to the specialized hospital, the report said.

The report says that at NICVD majorities of the admission seekers who are common people do not get proper service. Employees are also involved in corruption and bribery. Starting from the emergency department to ward, people have to spend money in each case. On the other hand, the hospital's infrastructure has undergone extensive development over time. Allocation of funds is being made every year for its development. But the quality of service remains highly unsatisfactory.

NICDV is always full of patients. People always have to wait long to get concerned doctor’s appointment. At the hospital patients are continuously admitted keeping almost 100 percent bed occupancy. Many patients are found to treated at the staircase and balcony as the hospital wards regularly run out of space.

However, a new 840 beds hospital complex would soon be added to NICDV. This would also have extra cabins, ICU, CCU, Cath lab and Operation Theater (OT) complex facilities. In line with this, doctors and nurses and other manpower are also being increased.

NICDV intensive care unit or ICU has been recognized as the largest cardiac ICU in Asia. An expanded modern cardiac ICU and OT complex have been opened. As a result, 7 cardiac operation theaters and 50 modern ICU beds have been introduced. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare the government is working to transform the National Heart Foundation Hospital & Research Institute into an international standard hospital.

And it is expected that, with these facilities, the quality of hospital care for heart patients will increase significantly. In addition to the standard heart disease service, modern procedures for cardiac operation have also been started. The doctors have successfully completed a minimally invasive surgery, first of its kind at a public hospital in the country.

For the first time on July 30 last, the hospital started using Zero Contrast Angioplasty for the treatment of heart disease of complex kidney patients without using any contrast. Also, the hospital is treating patients with complex arrhythmia using the latest 3D mapping technology at a nominal cost.

Secretary of the health care department Md Asadul Islam said, “There are lacking in our medical treatment. But the government has taken a comprehensive plan to ensure better healthcare and harassment-free treatment for all. Extensive initiatives have been taken to bring healthcare at the doorsteps of people. The number of beds is being increased in hospitals at district and upazila level. Strict measures have been imposed to ensure that doctors remain present in the hospital.”

He also mentioned that a report on the overall performance of NICVD has been prepared by the parliamentary committee. The hospital authorities will be instructed to comply with the recommendations and guidelines. At the same time, monitoring will be strengthened to ensure quality of service.