Construction work of Bangabandhu Novo Theatre goes on in full swing in Rajshahi

Published : 14 Jan 2020 09:07 PM | Updated : 03 Nov 2021 08:44 PM

The construction work of 'Bangabandhu Novo-theatre' in Rajshahi is going on in full swing   the design of the Planetarium has not yet been finalised .  it is learnt,  already works of the foundation of Blocks of the Planetarium covering 39,800 square feet has been completed. Now, the works of construction of ground floor is going on. The arched dome of the planetarium will be constructed on this floor. Since the design of the dome has not been finalised, the works of  other parts of the planetarium is now continuing. 

The first ever Planetarium entitled  Bangabandhu Novo-theatre is being constructed on 2.30 acres of land inside Shahid AHM Kamaruzzaman Park and Zoo in Rajshahi. The works was inaugurated during the end of 2018 and the contractor responsible for the construction of the Planetarium has been allocated an 18-month time frame to finish the work. Accordingly, the works is supposed to be completed during the middle of 2020. 

It is learnt, the Novotheatre will hold a sophisticated, digital projector aided Planetarium, scientific and digital exhibits, five-D digital simulator theatre, Telescope and computerised ticketing and decorating system. After the end of the construction of the buildings, necessary instruments of the Novotheatre will be installed.  

Ashraful Haque, Chief Engineer of Rajshahi City Corporation informed, RCC took the 'Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo-theatre' project amounting to Taka 2,220 million. The tenure of the project was 2015-2018. But, the starting of the works of the project was delayed for a couple of year. The project was initiated to make the space related knowledge among students and common people popular, creating the opportunity of education through entertainment and remove the science related superstition.  

Engineer Amit Kumar Dev of the department of Public Works in Rajshahi informed, of Taka 2,220 million, Taka 801 million has been spent for the construction of the infrastructure. The construction farm National Development Engineers Limited was implementing the project.  Mosharraf Hossain, Project Manager of the construction farm informed, the tender for construction of the dome of the planetarium has not yet been invited. The design of the dome and the planetarium has not yet been finalised. That is why they were working to build the infrastructure by leaving the space for the dome to be built.