Congratulations to the Tigers

Let not the standard fall

The first ever match of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 for the Bangladeshi Tigers and it was great victory against South Africa. The fight was a good one and there were all the elements of drama, climax, and the tension of whether the second innings will end with the victory of the Bangladesh team or not. But in the end, the victory was well deserved. Bangladeshi team had scored up well in the first innings but there was still doubt among some fans whether the run count was sufficient or not. But once Miller’s wicket was down then there was some assurance of victory.

There is kindling hope for the future of the matches to come but Bangladeshi cricket must now strive to take the next few steps forward to bring home the Trophy. Although, the one-and-a-half-month journey has just begun and the path is long riddled with tests and trials the countless fans await the result of their four year wait to bear fruit. 

Bangladeshi cricket must now 

strive to take the next few steps

forward to bring home the Trophy

According to reports and also based on their performance, it seemed that the Proteas were a bit flat and in a mess. There should have been a better display from them as they had suffered a previous defeat which on the same turf as well. They should have learned from their mistakes from the match against England before. Moreover, there was a serious lack of aggression from the top tier batsmen of the Proteas. 

More importantly, with the holidays, the matches will surely bring a lot of joy and entertainment to the families. It is a sure way to get people together from around the country and engage in the Eid celebrations.