‘Committees to be formed to maintain religious harmony’

Published : 24 Oct 2021 09:58 PM | Updated : 26 Oct 2021 07:07 PM
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Separate committees to be formed in every ward of the union to ensure coexistence of people of all religions in the country by maintaining religious harmony.

Minister for Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Md Tajul Islam directed the ministry to take necessary steps in consultation with the elected representatives / government officials of the local government department to maintain religious harmony in the country and to stop disputes among the people.

The minister said, “Those who are trying to create unrest in the country by creating division and extremism in religion willingly, committees have to be formed in each ward, including members of the Union Parishad, grassroots leaders, prominent people of the society and people of all religionsto deal with them with a strong hand.” 

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He also said that the committee would work to identify those involved in various misdeeds and propaganda in the society and bring them under the law and establish justice.

Mentioning that the local people’s representatives must take the responsibility to protect religious harmony Tajul Islam further said that, “Recently a section of the country has been carrying out activities to destroy religious harmony and create discord among the people. Elected representatives of Union Parishad, Upazila Parishad, Zila Parishad, Municipality and City Corporation need to prevent these miscreants.”

The Minister said, “It is the important responsibility of the elected representatives in the local government to maintain harmony among all religion and caste for the welfare of the people. Hindu-Muslim confrontation so that no one can create anarchy in the country.”

He called upon all the people’s representatives to be vigilant so that no one could take advantage of the need to keep an eye on mosques and other religious places of worship.

Mayors of all city corporations including Dhaka North and South City Corporations and others were involved online.

All the elected representatives sincerely thanked the Minister for Local Government for inspiring and trying to solve all the problems by uniting the people's representatives in the various crisis situations of the country.

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