Cold-related diseases rising alarmingly

Deploy temporary medical teams in remote areas

Published : 23 Jan 2022 09:28 PM

The recent surge in Covid-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on every aspect of our lives again. In the midst of the pandemic, we also need to keep ourselves away from various cold-related diseases.

Cold-related diseases are on the rise across the country, including the capital. People of all ages are suffering from fever, cold and cough in many homes. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the winter months. The disease lasts for seven to 10 days. 

Experts opine that despite the increase in coronary heart disease, there is less awareness among the general people. We are advising the patients to get the sample tested as the symptoms of coronavirus are similar to those of cold. At the same time the patients have been advised not to take any medicine without doctor’s advice.

Necessary steps should be taken to

 increase the capacity of 

district level 


Exercise and physical activity are necessary for the prevention of diseases like pneumonia, common cold, cough, bronchitis and diarrhoea. The local government institutions have an important role to play in ensuring a conducive physical environment and the supply of fresh vegetables and fruits. However, the existing local government laws and policies don’t address the issue of cold-related disease prevention properly.

Alongside the safe diet, it is also necessary to make arrangements for physical exercise in order to prevent cold-related diseases. This can be ensured through urban planning, infrastructure development, budget allocation, and proper law enforcement.

We hope that the policymakers would consider the pertinent matters concerning cold-related diseases and allocate enough resources to make new policies. Also, necessary steps should be taken to increase the capacity of district level hospitals.