Cold hit people get blankets from police, Ansar-VDP

Hundreds of cold hit people in Jhenidah got blankets from police and Ansar and VDP officai0ls/ The warm clothing was distributed in the night of Thursday by police, while by the Ansar and VDP on Friday noon in Jhenidah.

According to the office sources of the Jhenidah district police, police super Mohammad Hasanuzzaman in the night of Thursday started distributing blankets among the poor and cold hit people at Kaliganj railway station and Kotchandpur railway station area. 

The police men stood by the distressed people with blankets and wrapped the poor with the warm cloths.

Some cold hit people expressing their reaction said they were thundered when the police super suddenly appeared before them without notice and formality during the night.

 Police super Hasanuzzaman said huge people have been suffering from cough, cold, asthma and various chest diseases for want of warm cloths. These blankets will help them protect from cold.

Additional superintendent (Sadar) Tarek Al Mehedi, Kaliganj police station officer in charge Mahfuzur Rahman among others accompanied the police super.

The Ansar and village defense party (VDP) in Jhenidah have distributed about 100 pieces of the blankets among the distressed cold hit people on Friday noon. The clothing was distributed by the district commandant of the Ansar and VDP Sanjoy Kumar Saha at the office ground. Upazila Ansar and VDP officer Forhad Hossain among others remain present during the warm cloth distribution.