CMP strengthens patrol ahead of polls

Published : 02 Jan 2024 09:08 PM

Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) Commissioner Krishna Pada Roy said, “Our preparations are going on to ensure that the election on January 7 is completed in a fair and orderly manner. I have considered 446 out of 607 centers as important due to the location of polling stations, presence of more voters, observers, media workers.  We are conducting robust patrolling across the city to curb crime”.

He said these things in a press briefing after visiting various electoral polling stations in the city on the occasion of the 12th National Assembly elections on Monday afternoon.

He said, “Our officials have visited the centers on the ground.  We are finally on the ground to take a final look at the location of the centers and what kind of security measures are to be taken at each centre”.

“We are looking all-around, security measures will be arranged accordingly. BGB has joined us as a striking force. They patrol the streets.  Ansar members will be with us, they will work with us centrally.  According to the instructions of the Election Commission, the members of the army will also be included in the security system as 'Aid to Civil Power'.  Check posts and regular searches are being conducted at the entrances to the city.  Apart from this, check posts and regular searches will also be conducted in various police stations of the city.  Armed police battalion has joined us.  Permanent and temporary check posts have been installed at various places”.

Krishna Pada Roy said that the operation against illegal weapons is going on, we have received the circular from the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the legal weapons.  Accordingly, from the announcement of the election schedule till January 9, those who have valid license holders cannot carry and display arms.  If he does, criminal action will be taken against him under the Arms Act.

 He also said that there is no cause for alarm in the seats that are available in the metropolis in general.  One thing I want to make clear - if anyone wants to create chaos around the election, intimidate the opponent or instil fear among the general voters, action will be taken against them under the criminal law.  I will tell the voters, you will vote without interruption.  We are responsible for your safety.  As far as we can tell, you will be safe.  Exemplary action will be taken against any violation.

  CMP Commissioner said that the ballot will go to the polling station in the morning.  There are dangerous centers in the metropolis, I will not say that.  However, there is an excess of voters, different types of voters, multiple centers in one venue or some centers are in special positions.  Where We Stand Khastagir Girls High School.  This is also important to me.  Because there are more voters here, it is in the heart of the city and there will be more presence of observers and media personnel.

He said, 4 thousand 500 officers and forces will be in the field on behalf of Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP).  Besides, BGB has joined us as a striking force.  They patrol the streets.  Check posts and regular searches will also be conducted in various police stations of the city.

 Additional Commissioner of City Police (Administration) MA Masud, Additional Commissioner (Crime) ASM Mahatab Uddin and Additional Commissioner (Traffic) Abdul Mannan Mia, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman, ADC (South) Noble Chakma and Kotwali Zone AC Atanu Chakraborty was present.