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Clandestine crime ring to be busted

Sixty influential persons take benefits from Regent and JKG

Published : 17 Jul 2020 09:54 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 02:24 PM

Government high ups instructed law enforcing agencies to take necessary action against the secret crime ring in the health sectors.

Police and intelligence agencies have received some names of these hidden mafias and patrons of arrested Regent Hospital’s owner Md Shahed and JKG Health Care’s Chairman Dr Sabrina Chowdhury and Managing Director Arif Chowdhury.

According to sources in intelligence agencies, more than fifty persons were the beneficiaries of the illegal practice of Shahed.

Law enforcers have been ordered to interrogate these beneficiaries of the fraudulence. They also hinted that more than a dozen people, mostly from health sectors, received various benefits from JKG Health Care by providing it many illegal benefits, including allowing it to collect samples for COVID-19 tests.

Police are currently gathering evidences against these highly influential persons. After collecting necessary evidences, they will be proceeded against.

Sensing troubles, some of the patrons of Shahed and JKG Health Care, went into hiding, while some others are planning to leave the country secretly in the name of emergency medical treatment and other excuses.

Some alleged patrons of Shahed and JKG Health Care, who are government officials, are now allegedly lobbying for transfer from their present work stations to avoid police hassles, sources claimed.

The Shahed-Sabrina scandal seriously tarnished the image of the government, especially in health sector of the country. But the main culprits of this powerful syndicate are still untouched.  Investigation is going on to find out how Regent Hospitals and JKG Health Care were awarded such task of collecting samples for Covid-19 tests.

Regent Hospital had no valid licence. They had no proper facilities and adequate medical equipment to provide medical supports to any critical patient. But for mysterious reasons, Regent Hospitals was allowed to provide treatment for the COVID-19 patients.

Violating the written agreement between the   Directorate General of Health Services and Regent Hospital, some government officials allegedly provided expensive medical equipment to Regent Hospitals.

JKG Health Care has no experience in health sector. Even they had no trade licence. But DGHS allowed them in collecting samples for COVID-19 test. As a result, they seized the opportunity to earn huge money overnight.

Terming them as hidden mafias, people urged the government high-ups to unmask them immediately for protecting the glorious image of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who has a long-standing policy of zero tolerance against all sorts of corruption and irregularities.

With the blessing of these hidden mafias, there was rampant corruption in buying medical masks for the doctors and other health staff amid Covid-19 pandemic.

A BNP-Jammat businessman was directly involved in the much-talked-about mask scam. But he is yet to be arrested.

Doctor leaders claimed that due to these faulty medical masks, a large number of doctors and heath staff were infected with COVID-19, many of them also died.

Conscious citizens opined that due to the hidden mafias, corrupts in the health sectors finally remain untouched. 

During the interrogation in RAB and DB custody, master fraud Shahed disclosed that his powerful patrons belong to the health ministry, DGHS and law enforcing agencies.

He also has his own men in the upper strata of the society and many of them are staying in Dubai, Malaysia, America, some in Canada. Recently, the information of the transaction of Tk 26 crore bribe was allegedly trapped in a phone conversation of an official of the Ministry of Health. The officer was later removed. A few more officers have also been removed.  These hidden mafias are still controlling purchase, recruitment and other tenders.

These mafia syndicate was aggressively active during the BNP-Jammat regime. But due to the zero tolerance policy of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, these mafias refrained from their activities.