City cattle markets abuzz with buyers

With the holy Eid-ul-Azha just a day ahead, the cattle markets in the capital are vibrant with most buyers tending to purchase medium-sized cattle they can afford. 

However, health guidelines are flouted in most of the markets.

Talking to buyers and sellers in Gabtoli, Abtabnagar and Eastern Housing markets in the capital, this reporter learned that with one day left for Eid, most of the buyers are returning home after buying their desired cattle. Sales have risen since Monday morning with crowds getting dense at some points.

Mentioning the demand for the upswing of medium size cows, the sellers who have brought large numbers of cattle expressed frustration a bit.

Hurmat Ali came to Gabtoli from Kushtia with 18 cows. He told Bangladesh Post, “6-7 of my cows are large and the rest are medium. Of these, 4 medium and one large cow have been sold already. Larger cows are bargained for but rarely sold.”

Another seller Shahidul came from Pabna. He said, “I have brought four big cows. So far I have sold 2. The demand for large cows is a little low. A few people look for big cows. Even if people come and bargain, they purchase medium sized ones.”

Meanwhile, customers say prices have gone way up those in the previous years. They say, they have to spend more than 10 to 20 thousand for a cow this year.

Md Shawon was returning home with a cow he had just bought. When asked about the price, he told Bangladesh Post, “It has taken me 72,000 Tk for a mere medium sized cow which would cost between Tk 50 to 60 thousand last year.”

However, he expressed his happiness that the cattle would be sacrificed for the almighty and that would matter the most.

Mahbubur Rahman, a lodger at Aftabnagar cattle market said, “Buyers are complaining that the price of cattle has gone up this year. But this year, the Covid-19 has affected the cattle raisers as much as the others. In addition, the transport fare has been higher. So, the price may seem like a bit more. So far, the sales have been lower than in previous years.” 

He said, “We are talking to the traders so that they can sell the cows at a small profit considering the pandemic situation. It will benefit both buyers and sellers.”

In the midst of the horrific outbreak of Covid-19, the picture is not satisfying at the markets. Even though the markets are supposed to be run according to proper health guidelines, they are hardly followed. So far, 6 corona patients have been identified in different markets. 

According to the information received from BRAC, corona virus was found in two people on Saturday and four people in some markets of the capital on Sunday.

Meanwhile, DNCC mayor Mohammad Atiqul Islam visited Gabtoli Haat on Monday and expressed his discontentment. He said, ‘I did not like the overall picture when I came to Gabtoli. You see the picture, I see it, and the people see it. "

He later warned to close the market if necessary. At that time, the mayor fined Gabtoli Haat Tk 10 lakh for violating the health guidelines.