Chris feels Ana is going to win Oscar as Marilyn Monroe

Published : 22 Sep 2022 07:28 PM

Chris Evans recalled having a "holy shit!" moment when Ana de Armas first showed him a still from her camera test as Marilyn Monroe for Blonde.

Ana de Armas' exquisite transformation into Marilyn Monroe - one of the greatest female screen legends from the Golden Age of Hollywood - has found a celebrity fan in Chris Evans! The Avengers: Endgame star, who starred alongside Armas in hit movies Knives Out and The Gray Man, was all praises for the gorgeous, talented actress during a chat with Variety.

Complimenting Ana de Armas' earnest dedication to playing an "incredibly demanding" role in Blonde, given how iconic Marilyn Monroe was, is and will forever be, Chris Evans shared, "I think this was one of the first opportunities she had to really sink her teeth into something incredibly demanding. I didn't see one bit of fear; I saw excitement." Evans recalled when Armas first showed him a still from her camera test as Monroe and was so thoroughly impressed that he instantly predicted an Academy Award win for Ana.

Chris Evans excitedly recounted, "I remember looking at it and saying, 'OK, that's Marilyn... where's your shot? That's you? Holy shit! You're going to win an Oscar for this!'"

Now we're even more curious than ever to see Ana de Armas nail it as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde!

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Directed by Andrew Dominik, Blonde - based on Joyce Carol Oates' 2000 novel of the same name - also stars Adrien Brody and Bobby Cannavale. The historical psychological drama film releases on September 28.