China provides rice aid to Rohingyas

In order to further support the Bangladeshi government's efforts to shelter the Rohingyas, the Chinese government has been providing humanitarian aid to the Bangladeshi government, the embassy said. 

Up to now, 3 batches of 1318 tons of rice have been transported from China to Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh, of which 700 tons have been distributed and 618 tons will be distributed soon, the embassy said on Sunday. 

There are still two more batches of 1236 tons of rice to be transported to Bangladesh in the near future. 

The Chinese government will stand by the Bangladeshi government to take care of the Rohingyas who are in a difficult situation amid the COVID-19 pandemic, read the statement. Bangladesh gave shelter to over 1.1 million Myanmar nationals who fled ethnic cleansing in the Rakhine State.