Chemical warehouses still prevalent

High time people started listening to the authorities

The Chawbazar inferno that took the lives of so many people has not been forgotten. But later investigation into the matter proved that the blaze would have been much worse had the chemical stores in the basement of the building had caught fire. If such a scenario had taken place then the number of dead and injured would have been massive. So would have been the amount of losses. It was sanctioned that the storage of chemicals would have to be moved from such a crowded commercial hub like Chawkbazar and take it someplace away from the general public within one month by authorities of DNCC. But, even after four months the chemicals are still present in the congested alleyways of old town. 

As per recent reports, it has just been confirmed that the chemical factories situate in the capital’s old Dhaka will be shifted to Munshiganj. Although the decision came quite late, nearly two months when it was first in the planning stages, it is an acceptable one. The 310 acres of land will provide a sufficient amount of space for the relocation of the chemical factories.

The silver line in all this is that there

 will be no more flammable chemical factories 

or storages in the capital in near future

Alongside this, there are also reports which say that the storages of chemicals will be moved to two specialized zones designated for this purpose, one in Kadamtali and another in Tongi. These will provide adequate space for storage of chemical and will be sufficiently close to the capital so that no logistic haphazardness is created in the post relocation time.

Even though the time fixed was a bit impractical, one month being quite a short time for such massive re-establishment of chemical facilities to take place, the silver line in all this is that there will be no more flammable chemical factories or storages in the capital in near future. None the less, the authorities concerned deserve applauds in keeping to their words and remembering the massacre of Nimtoli and Chawbazar and the following incidents of fire breakouts.