Chemical free vegetables being produced in Feni

Emam Hossain Kochi, Feni

All farmers of the village Jagatpur under Dagun Bhuiya Upazila of Feni have vowed to produce insecticide and chemical free, environment friendly vegetables and during this winter, they were producing those completely safe and hazard free vegetables in the fields of the village. For such measure, the village has already got it's recognition as 'Village of Safe Vegetables' or as' Organic Agriculture village' by the local people.  

Farmers of the village informed, by following the advice of Abdullah Al Maruf, Sub-Assistant Agrciulture Officer, varieties of insecticides-free vegetables including Bean, Tomato, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Maize, Sweet -Gourd, Lau, Radish, Brinjal and Coriander leaves have been cultivated on 30-bigha of land in the village. 

Farmer Ala Uddin Alo informed, earlier they used to apply chemical fertilisers, spray insecticides in their vegetables fields. We did not have the idea that by consuming those insecticides and chemical laced vegetable, people are being attacked with various diseases. He further mentioned, the farmers of the village came to learn that crops and vegetables also turned toxic due to applying of insecticides and chemical fertilisers in the field and the soil lost its fertility. Now, all the villagers have vowed to produce insecticide and chemical fertiliser free vegetables. 

Rafiul Islam, Upazila Agriculture Officer of Dagun Bhuiyan informed, Department of Agriculture Extension has taken up a step to identify at least two villages of each upazila to 'Safe Vegetables Village' and one village as 'Safe Fruit Village'. Following the step Jagatpur village has seen successfully made as Insecticide Free Vegetables producing village in the upazila.