Chatham House lauds PM’s climate plan

Vulnerable countries need a global commitment to face climate challenges

It is heartening to note that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s ‘Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan’ has been highly praised as a transformational nature-based investment and socio-economic growth concept at the Chatham House.

Reportedly, the prime minister’s climate prosperity plan was discussed at the session on CoP-26 Diplomatic Dialogue on Adaptation and Resilience. Referring to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's successful evacuation of 2.4 million of people during the  super Cyclone Amphan in May last year, Ban Ki-Moon, Chair of the Board of the Global Center on Adaptation and former Secretary General of the UN, praised Bangladesh's extraordinary capacity of early warning and disaster preparedness terming Bangladesh a frontline Climate Leader.

Developed should provide necessary technological and financial 

support to the vulnerable  countries 

following the Paris Agreement to tackle 

climate change 

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries to face the brutality of climate change in the world. Bangladesh has done almost nothing to cause global warming unlike first world countries but the country has to pay a much steeper price because of its geographical location. However, the country is not waiting to be rescued by others. It has successfully incorporated a number of initiatives to facilitate climate-resilient development.

As developed countries are accountable for the harsh consequences of climate change, they should provide necessary technological, financial, and intellectual support to the developing countries following the Paris Agreement to tackle climate challenges.

Developing countries like Bangladesh need a global commitment to face climate challenges. International community should realize the need for formulating coherent policy at global scale to address the grave impact of climate change in developing and climate vulnerable countries.

It is encouraging to note that on his first day in office,  Biden signed an executive action to immediately rejoin the Paris Agreement, an international treaty on the climate crisis from which US withdrew last year despite widespread criticism. We hope under the leadership of Joe Biden US will be one of the key players towards incorporating Paris Agreement throughout the entire world.