Chars rise in Jamuna, water traffic faces hurdle

Published : 06 Dec 2022 07:47 PM

Due to lack of rise and flow of water, many submerged chars have woken up in the Jamuna River. Water traffic in the Jamuna is being blocked due to the wake of these chars. Somewhere one has to travel 5 kilometers to reach a location at a distance of one kilometer. Many sailors have stopped sailing because of the extra time and fuel costs. The people of the Char area have to cross the Char area on foot and cross the boat several times to reach their destination.

The river communication channel has been closed due to numerous chars in the Jamuna flowing from the confluence of the Padma-Jamuna in Barar Dhalarchar Union to the confluence of the Jamuna-Hura Sagar and passing through Shahjadpur, Chauhali Upazila of Sirajganj district. Many submerged chars wake up in Jamuna River, so they have to go around the char to the destination. Somewhere, to go 200 yards distance, one has to go around two kilometers of the river. Due to the low water and water flow of the Jamuna and the rising tide, the water stream of the Jamuna is flowing in multiple divisions. Due to the wake of these chars, there is a constant obstruction in the movement of boats in the Yamuna. A seaport in Bara Upazila and two big import export ports and Baghabari seaport in the neighboring Sirajganj district and Shahjadpur upazila in the northern part of the country bring goods from various seaports, trawlers, small and large cargo ships, oil tankers. The Jamuna river is the only naval route for the transportation of goods in the northern region along with the various sea ports of the country. Several submerged chars have created obstacles in Nakalia, Mohanganj, Maldahpara, Pechakola and Charpechakola areas on the way to the Baghabari Ghat seaport from the confluence of the Padma-Jamuna river in the Dhallacharchar area of Bhar. To keep this navigable channel operational, BIWTA has to carry out dredging operations with dredgers almost throughout the year. Despite this, every year several cargo ships, oil tankers are stranded in the waters of the Jamuna. Thousands of people living in the char area of Jamuna have to cross Jamuna river every day to buy and sell goods, medical services, office-courts and students who come to study in schools and colleges. Omarpur, Sadiachandpur, Munshiganj of Chauhali upazila of Sirajganj district, Bachamara, Charkatari of Daulatpur Upazila of Makiganj district, Maizhili, Atpara of Nagarpur upazila, Bangalarchar, Sonatuni, Dhitpur, Hatsho, Bianpur Dhalai, Bentia, Chartartia of Bera upazila , Charsafulla and neighboring Upazila’s char areas, every day many people come for their needs through Kazirhat, Nagarbarighat, Raksa, Kaitola, Nakalia, Bera Dakbangla Ghat, Bera Brishalika Import Export Ghat, Bera Bazaar, Bera C&B Hatbazar, Kashinathpur Hat-Bazar, Bandher Hat. Hat-bazaar comes to buy and sell products. Every day, countless people seek medical treatment in different private clinics of the Upazila including Bera Upazila Health Complex, Kashinathpur Diabetic Center, Sanila Roshan Ara Chattar Eye Hospital. Many students of Char area cross the Jamuna River every day to study in various public and private educational institutions of the Upazila. Due to these chars, people who cross the Jamuna Rriver every day have to waste a lot of time to cross the river. Due to these chars, it takes 2 to 3 hours to cross the river for 1 hour.

When talking to Razzak Sardar, who came for treatment at Bara Upazila Health Complex, he said that going from Char to Chauhali or Shahjadpur Upazila Health Center is a difficult matter. It is much easier to fence than that. However, due to the low water in the river at this time, the char is rising in many places in the Yamuna, so it takes more than 3 hours for the char to come around. Talking to Roshan Ali of Charkatari village of Daulatpur Upazila who came to sell brinjal at Bera C&B market, it is known that he has to cross the river 3 times to come to Bera. It takes a lot of time to bring the boat directly due to small and big chars in the river. It is not possible to catch a market, so we walk and come across in a small boat or a small boat. Mahmud Ali of Sonatuni Char who came from different Char areas, Javed Charnakalia of Bianpur Char, Mostafa of Charnakalia of Bianpur Char, Qayyum of Sholdana Char, Abusama of Kharbagan, Babushekh of Charsafulla spoke to many people, including people from Char areas in different bazaars, hospitals and Upazila Parishads of Bera Upazila. Almost everyone has the same experience or thoughts about crossing the river from the grasslands. They said, we do not have any difficulty in coming to Apar during the monsoon season, but even for minor needs, we come to the Hat-Bazar Office Court along with the Upazila Sadar, especially for minor ailments. During this dry season, the Jamuna River is flooded with many weeds, so many waterways have to be traversed to cross the river. It becomes difficult to reach a specific place at the right time. In this dry season, our boys and girls who come to study in other schools and colleges face more problems. Leaving home early in the morning and returning home after finishing school and college late in the evening, parents are often worried about this.

At the beginning of the dry season, thousands of people in the Char region have suffered greatly as the Jamuna River becomes full with submerged chars.