CCC mayor declares three city markets ‘polythene-free’

Published : 29 Nov 2021 09:46 PM

CCC Mayor Rezaul Karim Chowdhury has announced to stop the use of polythene, one of the main materials for environmental degradation in 3 major markets of the city from December 1.

 Separate rallies were held on Monday morning as part of the polythene release initiative.

Panel Mayor Md. Gias Uddin, Councilor Nazmul Haque Duke, Nur Mostafa Tinu presided over the rallies.

CCC mayor said that the cooperation of the city dwellers is essential in the initiatives taken to stop the use of polythene, a substance that causes pollution and waterlogging in the city. 

Chawkbazar, Kazir Dewari and Karnafhuli markets have been declared polythene free from December 1.  Other raw markets and shops will be brought under it in phases with the help of city dwellers. 

Initially this activity will be conducted through creating public awareness, miking, distribution of leaflets.  Subsequent disobedience to this instruction will result in strict enforcement of laws, including fines. 

CCC mayor said Chattogram is the economic heart of Bangladesh.  The level of polythene at the bottom of the Karnafuli River is hampering the movement of ships, as well as the dredging that needs to be done to protect the depth of the river.  

If Karnafhuli is not saved, the port of Chattogram will become unusable and its ill effects will cripple the economy of the whole of Bangladesh. 

He said that polythene not only causes waterlogging, but also causes various diseases including soil fertility and obstruction in sewerage system.  That is why in order to make Chattogram, the heart of the country's economy, an eco-friendly city, to keep the port operational through Karnafhuli river protection and to save the city dwellers from the scourge of waterlogging. 

Md. Nurullah Nuri, Director, Department of Environment, said that the measures taken by the city corporation to discourage the use of polythene, if implemented by the department, would alleviate the sufferings of the city dwellers and the city dwellers would get a clean city. 

CCC CEO Md. Shahidul Alam said, "If we can bring back the habit of carrying bags in the market before the advent of polythene, we will be free from the curse of polluting polythene."

CCC Environment Standing Committee President Shaibal Das Sumon conducted the meeting.  Councilors Nurul Haque, Shahed Iqbal Babu, Md. Shafiqul Islam, Md. Jabed, reserved councilors Anjuman Ara Begum, Hure Ara Begum, Shaheen Akter Rozi, Rumki Sengupta, Taslima Begum (Nurjahan), Jahanara Begum Pabi  Private Secretary to Mayor Muhammad Abul Hashem, Supervising Engineer Jhulan Kumar Das, Deputy Chief Cleaning Officer Morshedul Alam Chowdhury and others were present.