Catfish weighing 28 kg caught in Tentulia

Published : 27 Jul 2021 12:49 AM

A Giant Devil Catfish weighing 28 kg was caught in the river Mahananda at Panchagarh district. On Sunday afternoon, some youths led by Hasinur caught the fish in the Mahananda River in Sardarpara area of Tentulia upazila of Panchagarh.

 Locals said that despite the current monsoon season, when the water level in Mahananda decreased a bit, some people including Hasinur, Lincoln and Taimul went fishing in the river. At that time, when Hasinur sensed the presence of the fish at his feet, he thought it was a big fish and was able to catch this Giant Devil Catfish weighing 28 kg.

When the fish was hunted and taken home, the news spread to the whole area within a moment and hundreds of people gathered from different areas to see the fish.

In this regard, Hasinur said, when some of them went to catch fish in the river, suddenly the fish weighing 28 kg was caught in their net and they brought the fish home from the river and divided it equally.

According to the locals, the fish is believed to have come from India as the Mahananda River, which flows through the border, flows into Bangladesh through the heart of India. Earlier, big sized catfishes were caught from this river, but this is the first time a big Giant Devil Catfish of this weight has been caught.