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Casino Salim names ruling influentials

Published : 02 Oct 2019 09:14 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 04:53 PM

Most sensational criminal Salim Prodhan, the main source of providing fund and other illegal things to Tarique Zia and his partner Giasuddin Al Mamun, has disclosed the names of some unscrupulous ruling influentials who received money from him. Investigations revealed that arrested criminal Salim Prodhan was not only involved in running online casino, money laundering and illegal narcotics business, he was also involved in controlling unauthorized stone quarry in different parts of the Sylhet division.

He continuously misused the names of two members of a highly sensitive family, who are linked with the Awami League high-ups. Bangladesh Post correspondent obtained an exclusive audio conversation between a journalist and Salim Prodhan. In the conversation, he again and again mentioned two names of a highly powerful family. Salim Prodhan threatened the prominent journalist in Sylhet division for not carrying out report against Salim Prodhan for his alleged involvement in illegal stone quarry business in Sylhet.

He was using the names of two highly influential persons for illegal earning from the stone quarry in Sylhet division. He allegedly earned Tk 10 crore per month from the stone quarry at Bholaganj in Sylhet, which is the largest stone quarry in the country. When the journalist attempted to carry out an investigative report against Salim Prodhan, he tried to ‘manage’ the journalist of a prominent private television. When he failed to convince him, he started using the names of the two highly influential politicians over phone. He also threatened the journalist mentioning the names of the two powerful men, who are relatives of a top level politician. He also threatened the reporter of complaining to his employer.

According to local sources, Ayub Ali, then company commander of Border Guards of Bangladesh (BGB) was helping Salim Prodhan in illegal selling of stone from Zero Point of Bholaganj border in Sylhet. Some officials of the local administration were allegedly involved in providing illegal assistances to Salim Prodhan. There is allegation that he paid them cash money for their unlawful service.

There is allegation that BGB company commander used to take Tk 3 thousand per boat. Every night, at least 1,200 boats used to be loaded with stones from the single stone quarry. Thus the then BGB company commander was getting Tk 30 lakh per day on behalf of Salim Prodhan. Whenever anyone asked the BGB officer, he used to claim that two influential leaders of the ruling party along with Salim Prodhan had ordered him to help in smuggling stones from the stone quarry.

A leader of the ruling Awami League backed student front Bangladesh Chattra League had asked why Ayub was illegally helping Salim Prodhan in smuggling stones destroying environment. In response, the BGB man said, “Yes, of course. It is hundred percent true that I am taking money. Have you any further queries?”

He also mentioned names of the two powerful persons. Bangladesh Post has a copy of the audio conversion between the then BGB commander Ayub and the BCL leader. The BGB man also informed the journalist that the two influential persons were also involved with Salim Prodhan in illegal stone smuggling. After his conversion with the BGB company commander, Salim Prodhan himself also called the journalist.

He claimed he phoned him ( journalist) as the two leaders were really involved in the stone business with him. He said, “I am only looking after the selling of the stones.” Local sources said Salim Prodhan several times phoned officials of the Sylhet administration using the names of the two powerful persons. He threatened them so that they do not create any barriers in smuggling stones.

Talking to the Bangladesh Post, Selim Hossain Shanto, BCL’s Companiganj unit leader alleged that Salim Prodhan threatened him in various ways. One Shaon, who introduced himself as the Private Secretary of Salim Prodhan threatened to kill the BCL leader. Two former central general secretary of the BCL also threatened him on behalf of Salim Prodhan. When asked then BGB commander Ayub said, “He is now retired.” About the allegation against him, he said, “I shall talk to you later.”

Meanwhile, a mobile court of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) on Tuesday sentenced Salim Prodhan six months imprisonment under Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act, 2012. All of his bank accounts have also been frizzed.