Bumper vegetable output expected in Chandpur during Ramadan

The vegetable growers in Chandpur earning profit due bumper production of vegetable. The farmers of  the district, including the women, are being encouraged in vegetable cultivation in the district due to high profit.   They are optimistic about attaining a good yield of their produce this season on account of a congenial weather condition and timely supply of necessary agri-imputs.

The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Chandpur fixed to produce 1,08,629 MT vegetables from  5,210 hectares of land this year. Huge amount of vegetables are being produced in all the upazilas in the district targeting to meet the demand during the month of Ramadan. The vegetables will appeared in markets this month.

There is a huge demand across the country for vegetables produced in Chandpur. Since the weather is favorable, it is expected that vegetables will be have been widely produced in the district.

Women are also working alongside men in the cultivation of vegetables due to high profit margins. Their livelihoods include livestock farming, agricultural cultivation and poultry, etc. Chandpur farmers are greatly benefitting due to favorable environment, transport facilities, improved agricultural technology, communication system, and access to seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, agricultural credit from banks etc.

The Chandpur people are cultivating a variety of vegetables like cauliflower, potol, red-spinach, gourd, papaya, water pumpkin, borboti and green chili. Talking to the Bangladesh Post, some farmers of the district expressed satisfaction over production and the current markets price.

Chandpur is one of the main river based agricultural lands in the country. Meghna, Padma, Meghna, Dhanagoda and Dakatia rivers flow over the district, and in the river basin there is large agricultural production of Robi, Aus, Aman and Boro. Especially in the 11 chars of Chandpur the vegetables are widely cultivated by the farmers.