BSMRSTU students demand online classes

All educational institutions have been closed since March 17 as per government directives to deal with the coronavirus. Since then, the students have been staying at their respective residences.

So far, several departments of BSMRSTU are conducting online teaching activities. But as can be seen, most of the departments did not conduct online tutoring.

There is no set time for us to be able to live normally in the current Corona situation.

So, at present, the general students of BSMRSTU are demanding that all public and private universities, except a few, have started teaching online. Why should we lag behind in this activity? Why aren't we conducting online teaching activities?

Priyal Ahmed, a student of the Department of Finance and Banking, said that an autonomous institution can take many initiatives for the welfare of the students if it wishes.

In 2020, the students of Bashemurbiprabir have suffered the most.

Every university has many scholars or intellectuals, our university is certainly no exception. However, there is a lack of necessary initiatives.

If the university authorities have goodwill, they can come forward to solve the problems of the students of this university and it is very normal to have this goodwill.