Bproperty launches RentalCast

BP Business Desk 

Bproperty has been busy with their latest focus, Rental Services, which promises to even further simplify the lives of tenants and landlords, both residential and commercial. The majorities of people in the country live and work in rented apartments, offices and shops. 

Bproperty, Bangladesh’s one-stop real estate service provider, has been working around the clock to improve how people look and advertise all this property.

Rental Services makes everything hassle-free. Parties can sit at home and have property matters sorted out by professionals. Bproperty now provides complete video and virtual tours to market a landlord’s property and for tenants to view before making a decision. 

The service is entirely free for those searching for property, but landlords need to pay a certain amount upon a successful lease.

One method being employed to deliver simplified information to the masses is Bproperty RentalCast; a video segment designed to take an area in the city and break it down by types of property, size and price. It also covers amenities and special features of the area. 

This creates a great quick glance at the location in case someone is interested. The first release was for the Bashundhara Residential Area and covered all 13 blocks from A to M.

For example, two renowned universities, namely North South and IUB, are situated in B Block, a 15-20 minutes distance from any block of the area. 

Apollo Hospital is situated at Block E. As many facilities are readily available in these seven blocks, the rent is much higher here compared to any other blocks.

While talking about the initiative, Bproperty CEO, Mark Nosworthy said, “This is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. 

We have taken the initiative by considering the demands of our clients and we are receiving a great response from them. We will be doing this each and every week and feeding the market with this information.”