Boundary pillars to save 4 Dhaka rivers

Act decisively and punitively against land sharks

The country’s rivers are in dire state. These once magnificent water bodies continue to be the target of land sharks with having enough clout, political power and money to conduct the illegal grabbing. As a breath of fresh air, a new announcement has come from the government about undertaking a project to develop the banks of the rivers Buriganga, Turag, Balu and Shitalakkhya rivers along with setting up boundary pillars to prevent grabbing of the rivers. 

Encroachment problems are always there on the river banks. The government has also taken various measures at different times to curb river encroachment but all have been relegated to naught. Time and again the scenario has returned in favour of encroachers taking over the river banks right after government drives conducted to curb river encroachment. To this end, the government has once again devised a strategy to save the country’s rivers. This time it involves erecting pillars on the river banks designating the river boundaries for all to know.

it needs mentioning that already such endeavours 

of the government have been materialised 

but those too have failed because of the

 might influence of the land sharks

It might prove to be beneficial in discouraging would-be land shark from grabbing up river territory. But it needs mentioning that already such steps of the government have been materialised, but these failed to work because of the mighty influence of the land sharks. Encroachers pulled out the pillars when they grabbed land and the efforts to safeguard the rivers evidently got wasted. 

However, according to a report published in this daily, the new project is being carried out for Tk 850 crore. Whether this money will produce successful result against land encroachment or will it also be a huge sum going down the drain is yet to be seen. But we do commend this extensive plan to frustrate river encroachment from the face of this country. 

This is a project that is highly desired by the people of Dhaka to protect the rivers, to prevent recapturing of the rivers or to create a healthy environment for both people and environment to sustain together. The authorities concerned must maintain this in an appropriate manner for the survival of rivers for perpetuity.