Boro harvest begins in Jashore

The harvest of Boro paddy has begun in Jashore district.  The farmers and officials of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) report of bumper yield in the district.  

Meanwhile, the bumper yield of Boro paddy in the district has left farmers and officials of the DAE worried as the weather takes a turn for the extreme. Agriculture officials said the Boro paddy have not been harvested fully. A crisis of agricultural works and it might take a few more days to harvest the rice, they added. 

Boro rice had been cultivated across 1,63,140 hectares in the 8 upazillas of Jessore. Morever, unlike last year the rice paddies have not been affected by the blast virus epidemic. The virus was identified 4 or 5 years back in Jashore. Last year it affected over 13 hectares of land. The plants were all identified to be of the BR-28 strain.

The farmers were advised by agriculture department officials to add three grams of vitavex or provex to every three kilograms of seed and store it in a shaded place for 16-18 hours. This helped the seeds become resistant to the blast virus. As a result of using this technique, 

many farmers were able to save 

their crops. 

The agriculture department and farmers are now worried about saving the crops from the effects of the extreme weather in order to reap the benefits of this year’s bumper crop yield.