Bobita’s special day today

Bobita’s arrival into the film industry was because of her passion and love towards acting and film. She is still interested in working because of the love and affection she still hold dear to her heart. 

Suddenly Bobita seems to be a little quiet. Of course, there are several reasons. The overall situation of Corona in the country, the recession in the cinema industry and above all, to keep away from acting in movies is major reasons behind this. 

Today is her birthday, a special day. But she has not special plans. Bobita said, “I get upset when my birthday comes because birthdays don’t mean a lot of fun. 

Birthday means one more year passing away from life. Coming of one’s birthday means to move closer to death. So when it comes to my birthday, I feel these things first. Then I remember my father and mother very much. And now I remember Anik.

I have been celebrating birthdays with Anik in Canada for the past several years. But this year I did not go to Canada at all because of Corona, the overall situation in the world is not really favorable. 

That’s why I’m not going to go to my darling Anik this birthday. But I always talk to Anik on Skype. So I don’t think Anik is not in the country.” 

Bobita has acted in about one hundred fifty movies as a heroine. Notable among them are Sundori, Ek Mutho Bhat, Ananto Prem, Bashundhara, Sohag, Fakir Majnushah, Wada, Lathial, Kotha Dilam, Nishan, Atim, Laili Majnu, Doordesh, Fulshajja, Birangana Sakhina, Mintu Amar Naam, etc. In all, she has acted in about 290 movies.