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BNP plot to dent image of Hasina flops

Published : 23 Sep 2022 10:04 PM | Updated : 24 Sep 2022 01:42 PM

The million dollar mission of Bangladesh Nationalist Party ( BNP) to tarnish the image of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Bangladesh as well in the international community has utterly failed.

According to the party insiders, BNP had taken some clandestine plans and invested a huge sum of money to make Sheikh Hasina’s UK and USA visit unsuccessful.

But all their secret plans flopped due to the international community’s confidence and trust in the government of Sheikh Hasina, according to political observers. 

BNP is launching movement to oust the present elected government. They are threatening to gear up their anti-government movement ahead of the upcoming national election scheduled to be held in January, 2024.

BNP leaders are publicly telling their party activists to carry heavy sticks and other arms in their processions across the country. Getting the instructions, BNP cadres  are carrying heavy bamboo and wooden sticks in the name of their own protection against  the probable  attacks on their processions.

All these are part of their deep- rooted conspiracy to make the present government unstable and bring about a political uncertainty in the country.

Besides the destructive political programs, BNP also plans to put Sheikh Hasina government under the pressure of the international community.

Some BNP leaders are holding meeting with diplomats of different embassies and high commissions in the capital Dhaka.

They are submitting their baseless complains against the government to the diplomats and head of different international organizations.

According to the sources, BNP leaders are showing their so-called logic in realising their demand of the non- party caretaker government.

They also hired influential lobbyist firms against the government and invested millions of dollars.

Recently the United Nations and the USA government took some decisions regarding a few high officials of the law enforcing agencies, making the issues of human rights violations in Bangladesh. This is the result of the BNP-Jamaat clique’s appointed international lobbyists against Bangladesh.

According to some political analysts, due to ongoing propaganda against Bangladesh, the US government got some wrong impression about Bangladesh and its government.

UN is also being supplied with baseless, ill-motivated information on Bangladesh by BNP-Jammat appointed international lobbyists.

BNP took a big plan to foil Sheikh Hasina’s current USA visit to attend the general assembly of the UN. They had mainly three targets. BNP’s first target was to hold big processions against Sheikh Hasina when she landed in the USA airport. They tried to show the global community that Bangladeshi expatriates have no confidence in Sheikh Hasina. But they failed to gather expatriates against Sheikh Hasina’s visit.

Awami League and its associate organizations successfully organized a grand rally welcoming Sheikh Hasina.

BNP’s second plan was to cancel the meeting between US president Joe Biden and Sheikh Hasina. They hired lobbyists to convince Biden administration to cancel US president’s meeting with Bangladesh premier.

Rejecting their appeal, US president invited Sheikh Hasina in his reception party for the heads of the UN member state. Not only this, Joe Biden himself talked to Sheikh Hasina and appreciated her for her outstanding efforts for the massive development work and good government.

After all their plans had failed, BNP was trying to hold a brig protest rally when Sheikh Hasina will address the UN general assembly. But several sources told Bangladesh Post that BNP’s last plan will also fail.

  Thus , BNP-Jammat million dollar mission to tarnish the image of the government , has totally failed.

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