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BNP-Jamaat doctors behind question paper leaks

Published : 13 Aug 2023 10:57 PM | Updated : 14 Aug 2023 01:37 PM

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) unearthed a network of vicious criminal group linked to BNP and Jamaat who were allegedly involved in medical college question paper leaks for long time across the country.

The gang leaders were directly involved in BNP backed student front Jatiyatabdai Chattra Dal (JCD) and war crime scandal hit Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s student wing Islamic Chattra Shibir when they were student and started question paper leaking.

CID chief Mohammad Ali Mia, additional inspector general of police, on Sunday made these remarks at a press conference at the CID Headquarters in Malibagh  in the capital Dhaka after arresting twelve members of the gang.

CID on Sunday claimed that a group of alleged criminals has leaked medical college admission test question papers at least 10 times in last 16 years. 

CID has arrested 12 people of the racket recently, including seven doctors, mainly pro-BNP and pro-Jamaat doctors in connection with the leaking question papers of medical college admission tests.

He claimed that from 2001 to 2017, this vicious racket was responsible for leaking medical admission test questions 10 times. Among those arrested, top five were associated with the BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami, he added. Among the arrestees, seven were doctors.

Meanwhile, CID police have also found evidence on transaction of crores of taka from their bank accounts, and the matter is currently under investigation for potential money laundering case, the CID chief said.

He said that during the special drive from July 30 to August 9, CID teams raided in different parts of the country, including Dhaka. The arrested gang members were arrested during the drives.

CID also seized  9 mobile phones, 4 laptops, cash worth Tk 2 lakh 11 thousand, 15 check books of different banks, debit and credit cards, admit cards from their possessions.

This gang become active when the public examination comes up. These gangs leak questions in various ways. “We are working to eliminate the question paper leak syndicate as leaking question paper is considered as a cancer of the education sector,” the senior police officer said.

He said that the cyber unit of the CID found a syndicate that regularly leaks questions in the admission tests of the medical colleges.

“CID also came to know  the names of  the hundreds of students who got admission in medical by leaking questions. Many of them passed and became doctors,” he described.

He also said that 12 members of this gang were arrested by conducting operations from different areas  including in Tangail, Kishoreganj, Barisal districts and Dhaka in 10 days. All of them used to leak questions under the guise of various medical admission coaching centers or private tutoring.

The CID chief said that a secret diary was recovered from Jasim Uddin Bhuiya, the mastermind of the question-leak ring. There were the names of other members of his gang. The CID chief also said that  they are verifying these names. Arrested Jasim Uddin and Mohammad Salam are cousin. 

The Additional IGP said that arrested Moyez Uddin Ahmed and Soheli Zaman are couple. They are both doctors. Husband doctor Moyez Uddin Ahmed is one of the leaders of the question paper leak syndicate. He passed MBBS from Mymensingh Medical College and later joined the medical coaching center. Hundreds of students were illegally admitted to medical by leaking medical question papers through  the coaching center. 

He was accused in two cases of question paper leaking scandals. Moyez was a leader of Islamic Chattra Shibir and later he was known as a pro- Jamaat doctor. His wife Soheli Zaman is also a member of the gang.

CID chief said, another arrested doctor Abu Raihan was a student of Dhaka Dental College. After getting admission in Dhaka Dental College, he got involved in this question-leaking syndicate. He was running a private medical  coaching centre.

The arrested doctor ZM Saleheen Shobhan is another mastermind of the gang .

After passing from Sir Salimullah Medical College, he got involved in medical questions leaking syndicate through the coaching center called - Three-Doctors.

He was also arrested earlier  by RAB in 2015. Shobhan was a leader of BNP backed student organization Jatiyatabdi Chattradal.

Arrested doctor Md Zobaidur Rahman Johnny  is the owner of the Medico admission coaching center. He was  involved in this gang since 2005.

Johnny was the president of JCD’s Sir Salimullah Medical College unit. Later he was the central health secretary of JCD.

Arrested doctor Jillur Hasan Roni  is a doctor working in National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (NITOR) in the capital Dhaka. 

During the 2015 medical examination, he was arrested from Rangpur by RAB. He was a leader of JCD while studying at Rangpur Medical. Currently he is a doctor of the team which was formed to treat injured BNP leaders involved.

The arrested doctor Imrul Kayes Himel  was involved with this gang through his father Abdul Quddus Sarkar. 

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